Humpty Dumpty Presentation


It is June, which means time for my annual presentation at the elementary school about how laws are made and the role of the courts and lawyers. It is a lot of fun and the kids seem to enjoy it. After I finish my presentation, the kids have their own mini-trial where they all play roles like the judge, attorneys, witnesses, and jury. The trial is about Humpty Dumpty. We all know he fell, but why? Was it an accident? Or was it Murder! The kids conduct their own trial and the jury returns a verdict.

The presentation is built in Keynote. I use all sorts of flashy word effects and transitions. It is much more glitzy than my normal jury presentations. I think all the motion seems to keep the kids interested. I find the entire experience very enjoyable. If you would like the presentation and Humpty Dumpty materials, drop me an e-mail and I will get it to you. I even have a quicktime clickable version for those of you stuck with Windows laptops. I’ve been distributing this for a few years now and enjoy hearing about it getting used.

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