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I am pleased to announce I’ll be presenting two sessions at Macworld Expo and Conference in February. The descriptions are listed below. If you are planning on attending, let me know. I’m already planning these presentations to be something special.

Mac at Work

Feb. 11, 2010, 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM

While creative professionals and students have always “seen the light” and used Apple Macintosh computers, the business world has traditionally shunned the Macintosh platform. Up until very recently, the only apples you’d find in business were in lunch bags. That, however, is changing. Macs are starting to pop up in the strangest places including boardrooms, corner suites, and courthouses all over the place. This session will tackle some of the most common work related tasks and explain Mac specific tools to conquer them. Topics will include: mail, task management, word processing and number crunching, presentation tools, PDF management, note taking, project management, business graphics, and billing. There will also be a discussion of how to help Macs play nicely at the workplace including networking with the Enterprise and sharing data with PC colleagues.

This session is for people who suddenly find themselves with shiny new Macs but no idea where to start or those with older Macs but want to go beyond Microsoft Word. The session will describe software and hardware advice, tips, and recommendations to squeeze all the juicy goodness out of that Apple on your desk and, better yet, make participants look fantastic to their bosses, co-workers, and clients.

You will hear about software recommendations, tips, and workflows for using your Mac to do the most common work related tasks better, faster, and with more panache.

Numbers Lab: Spreadsheets with Flair

Feb. 9, 2010 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Apple’s Numbers application isn’t like the worn out spreadsheet programs you are used too. While it certainly can crunch numbers with the rest of them, Numbers is much deeper allowing you to sort and organize just about any information and share and report your data like no other spreadsheet application. Attendees at this interactive presentation will create Numbers spreadsheets and learn several intermediate to advanced Numbers techniques in a fun and entertaining environment.

This session is for all Mac users looking for a better way to manage information and supercharge their Numbers prowess.

Attendees will learn:

To build and customize Numbers sheets and templates
Formula and function power tips
How (and when) to make compelling charts and graphics
Numbers’ robust reporting and printing tools
The best techniques for sharing their Numbers data with Mac and PC users
How to customize the Numbers interface and templates to their own needs.

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