PGP – Snow Leopard Beta Report


A few weeks ago I took the plunge and began running the PGP beta on my Snow Leopard MacBook (learn more here). That is right. I installed software that both: 1) encrypted my entire hard drive and; 2) included the word “beta” in the title. This is not an act for the timid sane. 

Having run it, I can report no problems so far. The login screen now has a bit more polish. I would give a screenshot but the system is at such a root level that screenshots don’t work until after the login. Likewise, there is no noticeable decrease in speed. The only time I notice PGP is when I boot up. Otherwise it remains happily invisible.

I would not recommend installing PGP as a beta unless you are a masochist (like me) but it looks to be well along in its development cycle and little birds are telling me January. As to the whole upgrade process, I’m still a bit miffed that they have my upgrade fee despite the fact there is no released version for Snow Leopard months after launch. This, however, is offset by knowing once again that upon reboot or shut down, my computer is locked up tighter than a Predator Drone.

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