MindNode Touch

mindnode icon.jpg

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but somewhere in the unwritten book of software pricing it is decreed that developers can charge hundreds of dollars for mind map applications. I'm not exactly sure why. Perhaps it is all of those features I never use or maybe it is just because "mind map" just sounds sexy. Either way, it usually is a pretty expensive investment. The exception is MindNode which comes in two flavors, a free version and a Pro version that costs all of $15. I started using MindNode about a year ago and really like it. I don't develop complex mind maps. I use them to tame the seemingly random firing synapses. For this, MindNode Pro is perfect.

The good news is that now I can carry it in my pocket. I've been using the MindNode touch app on my iPhone for the last several days and am really pleased. Creation and editing of nodes is intuitive and easy. The canvas grows to match your mind map. Best of all, it imports and exports to the desktop application. If you are already a MindNode user, this one is a no-brainer. If not, now is the time to take a look.