iPad OmniFocus and OmniOutliner

There has been a little uprising over at the Omni Group forums with some people very unhappy Omni didn’t ship OmniFocus with the iPad launch. I spoke with the Omni Group at Macworld and their reasoning for focussing on OmniGraffle first made sense. We already have a workable version of OmniFocus on the iPhone (which runs on the iPad) and if you make a graphics app like OmniGraffle, how could you resist not tackling it first on such a graphics friendly device?

Regardless, I’m very pleased with OmniGraffle and will be posting a full review soon. OmniFocus is passable (while clearly an iPhone app, it goes very fast on the A4 chip) but I am looking forward to an iPad native version. The good news is the wait won’t be long. The Omni leader, Ken Case, posted on the company blog that OmniFocus will be released in June and OmniOutliner will be out this summer. Both of these apps will be very useful and increase the value of my iPad.

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