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One of the most common complaints with Apple’s is search speed. Several trusted friends and mac-gurus have told me how the search function in mail slows them down. My mail database contains about 25,000 items and I’ve never had much of a problem with Mail’s search. While 25,000 seems like a lot of messages, I know some people have multiples of that number and I suspect that is where starts falling down.

Central Atomics “RocketBox” attempts to pick up the slack with mail search.

This $15 mail plugin seeks to take over where the built in search leaves off.
The first time you install RocketBox, it will spend some time chugging through your existing e-mail database. It took about 20 minutes on my machine. Once installed, you can easily turn RocketBox off and revert to the built-in search if you choose.

According to the developer, this plug-in searches your mail up to 200 times faster than While I suspect RocketBox’s speed improvements would be more noticeable with a larger library, for me there was no significant difference in speed.

However, RocketBox isn’t just about the search speed. RocketBox has an autofill feature that fills in a name. However, it only works with first names. If I start typing “Miles”, the RocketBox search will prompt me to auto fill “Miles Davis.” However, if I typed “Davis”, RocketBox won’t help.

Also, RocketBox does not do partial search. This is a feature built into the search. For instance, if I type “DAV”, will already start grinding through my database. RocketBox doesn’t start until you complete the search. It supports several different search syntaxes and boolean operators. You can combine and qualify search filters to combine names, dates, accounts, and even flags.

One of the biggest differences with the baked-in search are the results. Rather than provide a list of messages, RocketBox opens its own window and shows the content of the e-mails it finds matching your search with the specific search terms highlighted. This list can then be sorted by date or relevance. This is a nice improvement. However, RocketBox often showed the same message multiple times, which became tedious.

RocketBox is a great idea. If you are a user and experiencing unacceptable search speeds, it may be what you are looking for. There are quite a few features in the built-in search that simply are not available in RocketBox, create smart folders from a search for instance but I suspect this first release is just a toe hold and the feature list will quickly grow. You can download a free trial.

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  1. FlyboyArt

    Don’t you think the bigger problem is having so many emails around in the first place? I’ve been using email since 1975 and regularly clean up my old email. I’ve got 10 emails accounts and not more that 20 active (meaning I haven’t handled yet and deleted) in each one. If I have to save an email, I push it out to an application like Leap or Together to archive. I can’t imagine having 25,000 old emails that I’ve already read still hanging around my email program (or worse yet on the Gmail server allowing them to invade my privacy at their whim). Am I the only one who thinks of stuff like this?? WTF???

    ;-} Art


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