Steve Jobs Talks Flash

Today Steve Jobs posted his thoughts on Flash. I already posted my two cents on Flash. I think all of Steve’s arguments are valid and their rationality stands in contrast to Adobe’s tantrum-like campaign. Another point is that Apple simply doesn’t want its mobile platform to be beholden to Adobe. It is a calculated business decision that certainly includes some risk. So far, it proves itself to be the right decision as the Internet seems to be slipping away from Flash. I think the killing blow would be a set of HTML 5 development tools that bring it on par, or close enough, to Flash.

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  1. Tommaso

    Dear David,

    as you know I am an avid mpu listener and macsparky reader. I usually agree with you, but I must say that I don’t share your opinion on flash and the ipad.

    I think that it is disgraceful that apple omitted flash from the ipad. Whether Apple likes it or not, a huge portion of the web is in flash, especially the videos. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am, for example, that I can’t view a single world cup video on the ipad: everything is in Flash!

    My view is that apple is sacrificing its customers’ needs because of its own feud with Adobe. It is not avery professional way to go about, and certainly not a loyal way to deal with the competition. I would strongly urge even the most devout Apple fans to tell Steve that this time he’s got it wrong.

    Your truly,



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