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At this year’s ABA Tech Show, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite bloggers, Jeff Richardson, who publishes iPhoneJD. Never mind the legal focus, Jeff’s blog is excellent for all power iPhone users. In addition to his insightful commentary, Jeff is an all around swell guy. You can follow him on Twitter, @jeffrichardson. So Jeff, lets see your home screen.

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What are your most interesting home screen apps?

LogMeIn Ignition is particularly interesting because it allows me to control a computer from my iPhone, which is almost like running a full desktop program (such as Outlook or my document management software) directly on the iPhone.  Because of the size of the iPhone screen, you don’t want to do anything that is very time intensive, but for things that don’t take much time it gives the iPhone the power of a full Mac or PC.


What is your favorite app?


It is impossible for me to pick one favorite app.  The third party apps that I probably use the most right now are Twitterific, NetNewsWire, Facebook, Quickoffice, Documents to Go, MoxtionX GPS Drive, NotifyMe, Dragon Dictation and LogMeIn Ignition.  But even to designate one of these as my favorite isn’t accurate.  For example, I don’t use Skype very often, but when I do have a need for it, it is a must-have app. 


Which app is your guilty pleasure?

Probably word games.  I used to be addicted to Wurdle and 2 Across, but lately I’ve been playing Scrabble more.  But again, this changes over time.  I remember a period when I was addicted to Peggle.


How many screens have you filled?

The iPhone has 11 screens and I always have them all filled with quite a few on the “12th” screen, which means I can only get to those apps by doing a search for the app name.  I cannot wait for the next iPhone OS which will allow for folders and thousands of apps.  Yes, I suppose that makes me an appoholic, but there are so many useful apps that do so many useful things.


How many times a day do you use your iPhone?


I use my iPhone throughout the day and night.  How many “times” are there in a 24 hour period?  That’s approximately how many times I use my iPhone in a day.


If you were Steve Jobs, what would you add to the iPhone?


We all have a sense of what is coming in the next iPhone thanks to Gizmodo incident that has been all over the news lately.  One of the rumored new features is a better camera, and I would appreciate that.  I love taking pictures, and for “real” pictures I use my Nikon D50, but SLR cameras are too big to have with you all the time.  I frequently take pictures or video with my iPhone just because that is what is with me, and even though the camera on the 3GS is an improvement over the 3G, I would love to see an even better, crisper, higher-definition camera that takes better pictures and video.  I realize that there is a limit to what you can do with a device as small as an iPhone, but that doesn’t stop my from wishing for it.  Additionally, I would love to see voice commands integrated throughout the iPhone, and with Apple’s recent purchase of the fantastic Siri app, perhaps we will see this soon.


Thanks Jeff!



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