OmniFocus 1.8

The OmniGroup released a significant update to OmniFocus.

This update is all about customization. The View Bar has expanded to include groups, projects, and Inbox items. Also, groups and projects can now become next actions. No longer are you required to switch to Planning mode to finish up a project. Also, Perspectives are easier. You can even drag them out of the Perspectives Window to share.

OmniFocus also now cleans up after itself when you change views. The days of hammering Command-K to clean up are over.

Less sexy but more practical, the Omni Group continues to fine tune synchronization. I’m not sure when it happened, but between Omni’s continuing synchronization tweaks and the increasing processor and memory speeds on the iOS devices, I’m now taking fast reliable OmniFocus sync for granted.

I signed up for the OmniFocus sneaky-peaks and watched 1.8 develop over the last several months. Having watched new builds drop at every hour of the day, I’m convinced the folks at Omni don’t sleep and I’m okay with that.

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