iPad at Work – Crunch Time

Things are coming along nicely on the new book. I learned many lessons with the first one that are all getting incorporated into this new one. I’m also making the book even more useful for analog and digital readers alike with QR Codes and hyperlinks respectively.
Right now the word count is at 62,000 and a few of them are even pretty good ones. Most of that is, however, rough text, and there really are no short cuts. Writing a book takes a lot of time. My deadline is the end of August and I expect the next eight weeks are going to be busy.

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  1. BenZ

    Keep up the great work, David. I'm a veteran Mac user but still learned a great deal from "Mac at Work" and will certainly buy "iPad at Work." I work for the USG overseas and I'm trying to streamline my team's job using iDevices, and your written and podcast guidance is tremendously useful!

  2. Beth

    The QR codes sound like a good idea, but what happens when the link breaks? Yes, any book can be outdated by the time it comes to print, but a book that "links" to the web sounds like it could be outdated even quicker. Your thoughts?


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