MPU 55 – Lonely Sandwich and 5by5

Things were so busy last week, I neglected to post a link to the latest Mac Power Users episode, where Katie and I interview Adam Lisagor. I got to know Adam a little bit working with him on this project and he is truly a charming person. This is one of the better Workflow interviews so don’t miss out. Get it on iTunes or directly from 5by5.

Speaking of 5by5, our transition to the new network went as smooth as can be expected. We had to start a new iTunes feed so there was a show transition. Existing subscribers moved to the new feed without any work. We did lose our prior reviews (over 400 of them!) but we are already getting new reviews with the new feed. (One more would never hurt from loving MacSparky readers.) I apologize for the double downloads some subscribers received. As near as I can tell, it was unavoidable.

I’m just so pleased to have been asked to join 5by5. I think Dan Benjamin has changed the face of Mac podcasting for the better and am thrilled to be part of the team.

On a side note, I’m hard at work on new theme music. We’ve got an original song, courtesy of J.F. Brissette, and doing most of the arrangement with live musicians. (I even recorded the sax line myself.) If not on the next show (publishing next weekend), you’ll definitely hear it on the show after that.

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