Home Screens - Merlin Mann

By far, the best dividends from my activity in the Apple community are the friendships I make. Last year, I became pals with Merlin Mann. (twitter) Merlin (a hotel-room-trashing caliber Internet rock star) is a busy guy and, as a result, doesn’t come off as exactly cuddly. The truth is, however, that Merlin is warm, fuzzy, and compassionate. Not only that, he’s on his own personal crusade to straighten out knowledge workers all around the world. Since Merlin is busy finishing his book, he just gave me his home screen shots and folders. So let’s tuck in.

Birdhouse, Calvetica, GoodReader, Reeder, Wikipanion Plus, Instapaper, Google Voice, and Nebulous (which I covered here).

JotAgent, Simplenote, PlainText, Elements, Due, and now do this.

Siri, Outliner, Markdown Mail, Pro HDR, iThoughts, and Tumblr Me.

I normally limit these posts to just the home screen. However, I couldn’t help but also include Merlin’s last screen. Inbox Zero indeed.

Thanks Merlin.