Six Mostly Irrelevant iOS Changes that Make Me Smile

My friends at Macworld are killing the iOS 5 coverage with some of the more amazing new features. I, instead, will focus on some of the small (and mostly irrelevant) things that make me smile.

1. Turn off e-mail badge

Hallelujah. No longer will I feel that irresistible impulse to open mail just because the badge tells me there is a new message.

2. Week View on the Side

A small upgrade to the the built-in Calendar app that I use every day.

3. Exchange Calendar Colors

This was always a pain before iOS 5. If you were to sync with an Exchange calendar, you had no control over its color. (There was a goofy way that involved lots of calendar deletion and re-creation but that really wasn’t an option.) Problem solved.

4. Twitter Integration

Twitter feels like the perfect social media to me. I’m really tired of typing in my Twitter credentials in every app where it makes sense. Problem solved.

5. Wireless Sync

Maybe this isn’t such a small and irrelevant upgrade but waking up to find my iPad freshly synced, golden baby.

6. Wireless AirPlay

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