Home Screens - Adam Behringer

This week’s Home Screen post features Timeline 3D developer Adam Behringer (twitter). Adam’s company, BeeDocs, makes the best timeline application available on any platform and I have used it to vex and harass opposing counsel many-a-time. I’ve been fortunate to get to know Adam over the years and in addition to his XCode prowess, Adam is a musician and very nice person.

So Adam, show us your iPad home screen.

What are your most interesting home screen apps?

My iPad dock is a well considered space that I only put my most frequently used applications. Most of those are ones that I could have predicted before I purchased an iPad. However, I wouldn’t have expected that the IMDb app would end up there. I’ve always liked the IMDb.com website, but I use it much more frequently and in a different way on the iPad. Specifically, I find myself using it a lot while I am watching movies in our home theater. My wife and I are always asking questions like “where have I seen that actor before?” and “this movie has a unique look, I wonder if this is the same cinematographer as …” Now we’ve got those answers at our fingertips.

What is your favorite app?

Reeder, for sure. For the past several years, I have checked my news feed reader as often as checking my e-mail on my Mac. However, the experience on the iPad is way better than a computer. The fact that I can catch up with about 30 of my favorite websites in about 5 min before getting out of bed in the morning is great. I no longer read news feeds on my computer any more. I’d rather be sitting in my living room to read content than at my desk. If someone reading this interview doesn’t know how an good news reader application can improve their life, they should really try one out. There is no going back.

Twitterific, Instapaper, and Mail are all runner-up favorites for the similar reasons. All exhibit functionality that is a much better experience once it is no longer tied to a desk.

Which app is your guilty pleasure?

Well, I love looking up classic Muppets clips with my kids on the YouTube app. Definitely check out the Robert De Nirro interview with Elmo. What is the app you are still missing?

I think the MLB app looks pretty awesome, but I’m not a baseball fan. I wish there was something similar for college football. An app that supplements the experience of watching a game in person or listening to it on the radio would be awesome.

I’d also like to see more apps that connect me to charity and justice organizations in real-time. I think the age of generalized quarterly newsletters for donors are over. I want details!

Can you imagine a mashup between Kickstarter and Red Cross? Something like “here are some real-time photos of a specific building that was destroyed by an earthquake. It will cost $200,000 and 30 volunteers to rebuild it. Contribute your time and or your money by clicking a button. As soon as we reach our goal, you will get real time updates and photos of it being built along with a video interviews from locals.”

Everyone loved watching those Chilean minors being rescued this past year. Though it may be at a smaller scale, there is stuff like that happening all over the world every day and I want to be a part of it. Seems like the iPad / iPhone could facilitate these kinds of interactions both on the reporting end and the benefactor end.

Great idea Adam.

How many times a day do you use your iPad?

I sit in front of my PowerMac all day when I am working… But, I use my iPad first thing in the morning to check my mail and news. I use the iPad in the kitchen to listen to Pandora while I’m cooking. I take it with me (instead of a laptop) when I travel. I always have it on a side table when I am reading or watching movies.

It is basically my computer for everywhere other than my desk. I probably fire it up 20-30 times each day.

What is your favorite feature of the iPad?

Without question, the battery life is my favorite feature of the iPad. Also, the fact that it never heats up. Those two things really give it a feeling of a household object and let you forget that it is high technology.

Back in the day, I owned a Palm V that had a battery life that could make you feel like you never had to worry about it. The iPod shuffle too… I forget if I have -ever- charged it, it seems to so long ago.

To me, it is essential that a portable device has a ridiculously long battery life. If I pick it up and it won’t turn on, I’ll get annoyed and will eventually stop picking it up. Whenever an “iPad killer” is announced, I always look for the battery life specs first. If it doesn’t have 10 hours of battery life, then the software, the keyboard, the apps, and other factors just don’t matter in my opinion. It won’t be a better choice than the iPad if it isn’t ready to go every time you pick it up.

If you were in charge at Apple, what would you change?

If I was in charge … I would try to figure out how to make the iPad more holdable. By that I mean holding it with one hand, using it while standing, and using it while laying down. It probably needs to weigh less, and be less slippery somehow. I am very tempted by the new Kindle just because it seems like a much easier to hold in those situations where you aren’t sitting in a chair.

I also can’t wait for a retina display on the iPad (but wouldn’t give up battery life for it). And, while I am dreaming, I would somehow make it so that fingerprints never show up on the glass.

Thanks Adam!

Full disclosure: Adam’s company, BeeDocs is the current sponsor of MacSparky.com. This fact, however, has nothing to do why Adam is featured here. Adam, like all other Home Screen posters, is featured here because he is awesome.