The Next Book, iPad at Work

I’m thrilled to announce I’m hard at work on a new book.

It’s called “iPad at Work.”

People liked the first book so Wiley asked, “may I have another?” and I said, “Yes.” This book is a natural sequel to Mac at Work and I’ve been talking to Wiley about it since I agreed to do the first one. Because Mac at Work was such a unique book, I had to keep it secret. With this one, I get to blab about it from the beginning.

iPad at Work will have some of the same structure as Mac at Work. I intend for the chapters to be self-contained bits of productivity bliss based upon specific work tasks. The outline is still fluid as I sort through all the ways you can use an iPad to get work done. Overall, I’m looking forward to the second book even more than the first. This time there is no fear, just joy.

To do it right is going to take some time. (I still have a day job, this site, and a podcast after all.) If the stars line up, it looks like this book will get released some time around October.

There are a few things I plan on not doing in relation to iPad at Work:

  • I do not intend to slow down this time. I’m having more fun than ever writing for the site;
  • I do not intend to endlessly bore you fine readers with the minutia of the writing process and the toils of the tortured author;
  • I do not intend to drop out of the Mac community while I dig in.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who provided so much encouragement and support with Mac at Work. While writing a book can be vexing, hearing from readers all over the world who tell me how the book helped improve their lives makes it all worth it and gives me the motivation to kick ass on iPad at Work. So gang, mark your calendars and hold me accountable.