“Consumption and Work”

I know I’m a little late to the party on this one but did anyone catch Tim Cook’s recognition of the iPad as a device for consumption and work?

“You know, we started obviously in Apple using the iPad well before it was launched. Of course, we had our shades pulled and everything so nobody could see us. What I started noticing about my own personal behavior, it quickly became 80 to 90 percent of my consumption and work was done on the iPad.”
-Tim Cook

via Macworld

I’m probably biased but I think this and work thing is a big deal. So many of the iPad competitors are great for consumption but don’t even attempt the creation half. My wife has a Kindle Fire. It is great for consuming Amazon content but that is it.

This quote really sent home for me the fact that Apple was looking at the iPad as a content creation device from the very beginning. Don’t forget the first iPad apps from Apple were iWork. With the iPad 2, they added iMovie and Garage Band. I wouldn’t be surprised to see iPad Aperture next month.

Tim’s use of the phrase “consumption and work” was not accidental and Apple is going to keep the throttle down on making the iPad a creation device.