Paperless Update

I’m preparing for trial this week and didn’t expect the Paperless Field Guide to get approved and released so I’ve been running double-time all week. I’m getting plenty of tweets and e-mails about the book so thought I’d post a bit here.

1. Thank You

I’ve had so many kind tweets and emails about the book. Thank you everyone for the warm reception. (Don’t even get me started on how warm and squishy the iTunes reviews make me.) I still can’t believe it is holding strong as the #1 Computer book in iTunes and the #6 book overall. Bananas.

2. I Don’t Hate Denmark and Norway

Actually, visiting those places is most certainly on my bucket list. Nevertheless, a mistake on my part prevents me from listing the book there at the moment. I’ve got a ticket into Apple and it should be straightened out shortly. Otherwise, the book is listed in all 30 countries that Apple will let me list it in.

3. There Will Not Be a Kindle Version

There is no way a Kindle could give the same experience as the iPad with this book.

4. There will be a PDF Version

I know that not everybody has an iPad or lives in a country with an iBookstore. As soon as I finish my trial and the dust settles, I’m going to publish and sale a PDF version and (hopefully) package in the screencasts. I’ve still got to figure out the logistics. If you are interested, sign up for the newsletter below.

5. The Newsletter

In the book, there is a link to sign up for my Field Guide Newsletter. This is a simple newsletter, TinyLetter, that will only send out notices when I have updates or new MacSparky Field Guide titles. I won’t flood your your mailbox with useless crap and whizzy graphics. Promise.

6. Updates

I intend to update the book with corrections and new content. At some point I may release a second edition but not for at least two years. I’m still working on the update process. I know sometimes books get pulled down from the iBookstore while updates are pending and I don’t want that to happen. Nevertheless, I already have a list of things to change/add.

7. More Titles

I’m working on the next one now and I’ve got a list of future titles. I really enjoy writing these book/new media thingies so I hope you like reading them. I give no promises on when the next one releases. These things take awhile.

8. Did I Say Thank You?

All of the love and support warms the cockles of my heart. Really. My cockles are so warm right now.