New Field Guide: 60 Mountain Lion Tips

I’m pleased to announce the newest MacSparky Field Guide is for sale: 60 Mountain Lion Tips. This is the first Field Guide I have co-authored and who could possibly be better for this collaboration than Brett Terpstra?  Brett and I, along with Merlin Mann, gave a session at Macworld earlier this year talking about some of our favorite Mac tips. This book took the idea and ran with it. 

The book includes 60 tips carefully selected by Brett and Me. Chapters include Mountain Lion, Mail, Spotlight, Terminal, and Third Party Apps. Most of the tips have a screencast showing you exactly how Brett or I pull off these magic tricks on our Macs. There are 53 screencasts and over 1.5 hours of video. The book is over 650 MB.

Brett and I included a range of tips ranging from basic to advanced. Our goal is for anyone to pick this up and have a black belt in Mac-nerdery by the end. The book is $7 and you can get it in the iBookstore for your iPad or a PDF version if you are iPad-less or iBookstore-less. The iBookstore version was created in iBooks Author and includes all of the whiz-bang interactivity that comes with it. It was a lot of fun creating this book. I’m quite proud of it and I hope you dig it.

You can check out the book’s website at or buy it below.