Timeline 3D for iOS


One of my favorite software developers, BeeDocs, just released their first iOS product, Timeline 3D (Website) (App Store) for iOS. I’ve written about BeeDocs’ Timeline 3D application for the Mac before.

This new version brings many of the same powerful tools to iOS and that alone makes this pretty spectacular. I am increasingly walking in meetings and presentations with just my iPad. Before, the only way to include a BeeDocs caliber timeline in my presentation would be to generate screenshots or movie files on the Mac and save it out to the iPad. The interactivity and ability to make changes on the fly were both lost.

In short, this gives me all of the interactivity I normally enjoy sitting behind my Mac on my iPad. The whole thing works with AirPlay Mirroring so I can build a timeline while talking to the client and wirelessly beam it the conference room (or courtroom) screen through an Apple TV. It is like magic and makes me look brilliant. Another useful feature is the ability to email a PDF of the timeline right from the iOS device.

I definitely see myself giving future presentations with a complementary timeline running on my iPad. I can then switch between Keynote (or any other presentation tool of choice) and Timeline 3D right in front of the audience. I’m thrilled that BeeDocs has come to the iOS platform with this software and I plan to take advantage of this application in courtroom and conference rooms immediately.

Adam Behringer, Timeline 3D’s developer, has been laboring at this product for some time and it shows. Adam made a video showing off the application .