Pen Porn: Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen


I’ve always prided myself on using cheap pens. I scoffed at Parker and passed on Mont Blanc. Why get some fancy-pants pen I’d lose or break when I can get Pilot G2’s by the dozen at Staples.

Things started to go south, however, when Michael Lopp came on the Mac Power Users and pointed me to Jet Pens, a website that pushes all of my pen-geek buttons. I started buying the Zebra Sarasa pens, which are not much more expensive than my G2s and really nice. Little did I know they were my gateway drug.

About six months ago, I found the Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen. Finally, an expensive pen I could really get behind. I’ve been using it daily now since I first bought it and it gives me more joy than a pen should while at the same time instilling an irrational fear of losing it. There is no way I can justify the purchase but I do love using this pen. Pen Addict summarizes it much better than I ever could.