About MacStories and Federico

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I’m very stingy about what RSS feeds I follow. In order to get on that list, a site needs to be really great. It’s particularly hard for a site that has a lot of posts to remain in my RSS reader because I often feel that the signal-to-noise ratio gets out of whack. Fire hoses spiting out many posts a day are usually more trouble than they’re worth. There two exceptions for me, Macworld and MacStories.

I’ll write about Macworld another day. For today, I’d like you to go over and check out the fine work being done at MacStories.net. They have a great mix of reviews, news, and the kind of nerdy tutorials you can really sink your teeth into. Moreover, the man behind MacStories, Federico Viticci (who shared his home screen here awhile back) announced today that after a long battle, he is cancer free. We’ve all been behind Federico throughout his ordeal and while there are a lot of bad things you can say about the Internet, the way it enabled us all to stand behind our Italian friend is not one of them.

So raise a glass to Federico and go check out MacStories. You won’t be disappointed with either act.