Calculating Dates with Siri

Maybe it’s a lawyer thing but I quite frequently need to calculate dates. For instance, I need to figure out what day is 30 days after I serve documents on somebody or how many days elapsed between date X and date Y. 

I was thinking this would be really convenient if I could do it with Siri but the Siri documentation doesn’t say anything about calculating dates. After a little experimentation, however, I stumbled upon the necessary syntax:

“What is X days from Y date.”

For example,  “What is 30 days from June 1, 2013.”

siri dates 4.jpg

It also works in reverse.

“What is 30 days before June 1, 2013.”

siri dates 2.jpg

Figuring out days between dates also requires a specific syntax.

“How many days between June 1, 2012 and July 1, 2013?”

siri dates 1.jpg

As you can see, this search returns a Wolfram Alpha page, which isn’t as pretty but includes more details. Once you internalize the syntax, you’ll find there is no faster way to calculate dates than with Siri.