Looking at Ulysses III

I was provided an early release of Ulysses III and my first impression was “wow”. The developers have really created something different with Ulysses and for the first time I was really tempted to try and write a big project with it. I particularly like the baked-in sync with their iOS text editor, Daedalus Touch.

Yesterday Ulsses III went on sale in the Mac App Store and I bought in. (It is on sale, $20 this week and will go up to $40 next week.) I spent several hours yesterday trying to move the next Field Guide’s text into Ulsses III and testing the syncing link to Daedelous Touch on my iPad.

Ulysses III is gorgeous. The way it renders text and iterates on the three pane view is truly remarkable. However, ultimately, I am not going to be writing a Field Guide in it, at least not this version of it. I experienced some wonkiness in syncing tests to the iPad, I really need a global search, and it just feels not quite there yet. I think Gabe Weatherhead’s views are pretty similar to mine.

I don’t regret buying it though. I think this app is on the right track and I really want to see it get better. In my book, Ulysses is definitely one worth watching. I’m going to be keeping up with the updates.