Memorial Day Bratwurst

Happy Memorial Day everybody.


I have to admit that in addition to obsessing on geeky MacSparky-ish things, I also love grilling. A few years ago I ditched my gas grill for a Weber charcoal grill. I love it. I know the dig against charcoal is that you have to heat your coals but is it really all that bad? I use a chimney and light up the bottom of it with some crinkled up newspaper. Then I go spend twenty or thirty minutes preparing my meat while the chimney heats my coals. The end product just tastes better, noticeably so. Moreover, a Weber grill only sets you back $150, which is a lot cheaper than most gas grills. 

Since this post has already completely gone off the rails, here is the recipe for my Memorial Day Bratwurst.


1. Johnsonville Bratwurst

2. A bottle of beer

3. A jar of sauerkraut

4. A few green apples

5. Suitable rolls or buns


Slice up the apples and put them in a tin pan along with the beer, sauerkraut, and bratwurst. Put the pan on the grill and shut the lid for 20-30 minutes. When the brat starts looking like it’s cooked, pull them out and put them on the grill. Remove the tin pan and drain the beer. Just grill the brat for a few minutes then serve on buns with some spicy mustard, the sauerkraut, and apples. Delicious.