OmniFocus Task Creation via QR Code

I recently received an email from reader Jonas Bergenudd with a really clever workflow. Jonas has things in his life that occasionally require replenishment, like batteries. So Jonas created stickers with QR codes on them using OmniFocus’s URL scheme to add a new task to his OmniFocus list.

For example, scanning this QR code takes your phone to the following URL – omnifocus:///add?name=buy%20aa-batteries.

QR buy aa-batteries.png

Go ahead, hit it with RedLaser. You know you want to.

OmniFocus captures that URL and creates a new task, “buy aa-batteries”.

You could create a series of these stickers and place them on things around your house and then zap them when they start getting low. Is it faster than stopping and typing an entry in OmniFocus directly? I guess it depends on how often you need batteries. Is it geekier and cooler knowing you can zap a QR code with your phone and add a task. Most definitely yes.

If you are looking for an app to generate QR codes, there are several in the Mac App store.