Watching FoldingText

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 3.02.02 PM.png

HogBay Software makes some great Mac and iOS software. (I’ve got WriteRoom on my iPad home screen right now.) So I’ve been watching the development of FoldingText with some interest over the past several months. The application is now at version 1.2.2 and available in the Mac App Store for $25.

FoldingText is a simple text editor with a few tricks up its sleeve I’ve never seen before. As the name implies, it folds text. While this is a common feature and high-powered text editors such as BBEdit, this is an uncommon feature in an App Store editor.

Implementation is very simple. Write your text using the markdown syntax for headings (e.g., #Heading One).

You can then add additional text underneath that in simple text format or make a bulleted list using hyphens or asterisks. FoldingText follows additional markdown syntax with the application of italics (with asterisks on each side of the words) or bold with a pair of asterisks on each side of each word. You’re basically writing markdown.

The difference is you can tap on one of your headings and all the text underneath the heading will fold into it. If you’ve got a large text document, this can be really helpful. I used it last week for writing a legal brief as an experiment and I really liked it. The application uses iCloud syncing so you can share your document between multiple Macs.

There isn’t an iPad or iPhone version yet and for me, that is a bummer. Because I so often write using these mobile devices, the inability to seamlessly share the information across to them will limit my usage. However, since Jesse Grosjean has already proven his ability to write outstanding iOS applications, I suspect this shortcoming is not a permanent one.

FoldingText in the App Store