Paperless Version 1.3

Paperless version 1.3 is available for download in the iBookstore and via PDF. This update includes the new Scansnap iX500 scanner, including a new movie. There are also updated sections on NeatCloud, PDFpen for Mac version 6, and some additional services. Since I finished this update, there have been even more new improvements (like yesterday’s Hazel update) so version 1.4 is already in the works. 

To download this new version in the iBookstore you need to delete the book and re-download it. (I know. It is a big file.) Because Paperless pre-dates the book-updating mechanism, it appears there are issues. (I’m working on this for 1.4.)

Thanks again everyone for supporting me. My plan is to keep doing incremental updates for free with the Field Guides and then do a second edition a few years after original release. Enjoy.