Stop Motion Donkey Kong

Techhive pointed me to Guiz de Pessemier, who decided to build his own stop motion version of Donkey Kong using Perler Beads. Blink. I watched the whole video because growing up, Donkey Kong was my game.  It was the game we played every time we got our hands on a few quarters. My best friend and I would call each other and make that great Donkey Kong jumping sound and hang up. There was no discussion whatsoever. No chance to make excuses or “ask my mom”. The recipient of the “jump call” then had no choice but to mount his ten-speed and race to the Donkey Kong machine at the corner of Vine and Holt. It was a matter of faith. On a recent family vacation I stumbled into a Donkey Kong game and played it with my daughter until, once again, I ran out of quarters.

I have a couple of complaints about this most excellent stop motion though: 

1. Unless my dementia has gone off the rails, I’m pretty sure he has the levels out of order from the original coin-op machine.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 2.17.00 PM.png

2. I really wish he had included the jump on level three that, if timed perfectly, let you skip most of the level. My friends and I simply called this “the jump” throughout our childhoods. My friend Scott would nail “the jump” every time. Not surprisingly, Scott is now an executive in the video game industry. 

So here it is, my precious  Donkey Kong.