Transporter Beta Software 2.0


If you are a Transporter owner, you may want to log in and check out the public beta for the new 2.0 software. It improves the experience several ways:

Better Interface

The new interface is really easy to use with the things you do most often. Creating folders can now be done right in the Finder. Sharing files is a right click away. When you drag-and-drop files and folders to your Transporter folder they will now automatically sync across all of your Transporters with no further setup required. I’ve combined this feature with some Hazel rules to make uploading podcast files a breeze.

File Links

No longer do recipients need a transporter account to receive file links. Did you get that? Load a big file on your Transporter, right click, share with anyone. Boom.

The Transporter Library

You can now limit what content gets placed on your local drive. For instance, if you are putting a big movie library on Transporter, you can keep it off your internal SSD.

This is beta software but I’ve been using it for awhile and had no problems. Moreover, I can’t imagine going back to the version 1 software. I’m spoiled.

If you want to try it out, login to the Transporter management website using your registered email and click the “Desktop & Mobile Software” link on the left side of the page to download the beta 2.0. Learn more here.