Timeline 3D for iOS Gets Impressive Update

My favorite timeline application, Timeline 3D for iOS (both iPad and iPhone), got a nice iOS 7 update. Not only does the new design fit right in with iOS 7, there are also several new features.

The app can now publish interactive cinematic timelines to the web. Where before timelines were slideshows you can now get interactive timelines, letting you jump around (forward and backward) at will. If you’ve ever presented with a timeline, you already know how big this is. Everything is built on WebGL and very clever. Here is an example. 

That’s not all. They’ve improved the lighting for a better sense of 3D. (As a longtime user of this product, this was immediately noticeable.) You can also share timelines and media between devices using Dropbox or AirDrop. iOS 7 dynamic text adapts the interface to user preferences and the 3D perspective uses parallax motion dynamics.

If you want to impress a client or customer, build a professional looking timeline on you iPad while they are explaining events to you and then hand over the iPad at the end and ask, “Is this right?” This is a nice update and a great time to check out Timeline 3D (website)(iOS App Store).