1Password Version 4

Today marks the release of 1Password, version 4. Agilebits has been hard at work on this update for some time. I jumped on board in the middle of the beta and have been using it on a daily every since. If you’re already a 1Password user, you are really going like this update. If you’re not a 1Password user, shame on you and go get it now.

This update includes over 90 new features aimed at reducing the distance between security and convenience with password management on your Mac. You can get a full description of the updated features at the Agilebits website. There are couple, however, that I already find indispensable.

1Password mini

Before I could only access my 1Password data through the Safari plug-in or the full on application. Now they have a nice little menubar application that lets me get this data. You can trigger it with a keyboard shortcut and if you’re like me, you’ll be using it quite often.

iCloud Sync

This only works with the Mac App Store version but if that’s how you roll, you’re going to really like this new feature. Now I can attach my 1Password data to the device without my Dropbox password. I’ve been using iCloud sync now for two weeks without any issues.

Shared Items

I can now share entries (or entire 1Password vaults) with my wife. No longer do I have to struggle through what to do when she asks me to email her the password for banking website.

There are a lot more features than this. If you bought version 3 from the Mac App Store, this upgrade is free. That’s how I would recommend buying this application if you’re jumping on with version 4. It has allowed me to share the application with everyone in my household and enables iCloud sync to my iOS devices. If you want to get it directly from the developer, you can do it here. Either way, this is a really nice upgrade to an already fantastic application. Make sure to check it out.