Paperless Turns 1.4

Today my most recent update to the Paperless Field Guide went live in the iBooks Store. Updates include:

  • Added new section on hybrid-cloud storage
  • Added discussion of using the Transporter for personal cloud storage
  • Added a new section and gallery for PDFpen Scan+ and added a PDFpen Scan+ screencast
  • Added new section for and gallery.
  • Updated section on Hazel with Auto file naming and created a new Screencast 4.5 showing off the new features.
  • Re-Wrote the section on tagging in light of OS X Mavericks new tagging support and added new screencasts 4.6, 4.7, and 4.8.
  • Updated for PDF Expert 5.
  • Added explanation of the PDF/A Format.
  • Tweaked discussion of scanning with the iPad. (The iPad camera is a lot better than it used to be.)
  • Removed the BlackBerry picture just because.
  • A ninja now runs free through the pages of this book.

All of the Field Guides include free updates for at least two years following initial publication. Have I said lately how much I love that I can update these books and keep them relevant?