Oolong Tea, Alarms, and Silent Judgment

I’ve talked about my simple (yet essential!) Siri task to help me not screw up tea on the Mac Power Users. (“Set a Timer for 4 minutes.”) Listener Bob White, wrote in to explain that he sets these timers as alarms. Specifically, you can set the alarm name with Siri syntax. “Set the Oolong Tea Alarm for 4 minutes.” The phone will create a new alarm in 4 minutes called “Oolong Tea”. The advantage of doing them as alarms over timers is that you can set multiple alarms at once but just one timer, as The Doctor explains. Indeed, going back and reading Dr. Drang’s post I realize he also explained how you can name the alarm with Siri. Hmmm.

As a complete aside, if you are interested in tea, I recommend the end of MPU 168 where I talked at some length about how I make tea and Katie Floyd was stone-cold silent. Never has a silence been so judgmental. It might be one of my favorite segments of the Mac Power Users.