iThoughts for iOS Update, New and On Sale

For nine months, Craig Scott, has been hard at work with a ground-up redesign of iThoughts for iOS. The new version is universal (working on both iPad and iPhone) and looks great in its iOS 7-ified brilliance. There are quite a few new features in this version including rich text support, faster Dropbox sync , Bluetooth keyboard support, and it imports Markdown files.

With the re-write, the app feels smoother than ever and really gets out of your way as you create and move entries around the screen. Like its predecessor, iThoughts gives you a lot of control over the look of your mind map with color palettes, tools, objects, and typography. iThoughts is firmly entrenched as the power-user mind mapping application on iOS. It has a lot of useful features.

This is a new version requiring a new purchase. iThoughts is 80% off for a short time making it easier for upgrades and first-timers alike. You really should have this app in your tool belt and at the temporary price of $2, you should probably go buy it now.