LaunchBar is Sticking


I wrote a few weeks ago about the release of LaunchBar 6. I had moved over to Alfred but after spending a few weeks with the latest version of LaunchBar, I’m firmly back in the LaunchBar camp. Both apps are great but for some reason, the keyboard shortcuts with LaunchBar just resonate with me better. I’m in the throes of finishing a book, which means I’ve got files all over the place and a pile of emails from editors and other helpers needing assets and questions answered. I just caught myself this afternoon blasting through these items and finding files all with LaunchBar and thought I’d take a minute to pause and give thanks.

The LaunchBar team really stepped it up with this new version. I dig the new interface, themes, and the way it lets me drive my Mac so wicked fast. I can’t wait to dive in even deeper with its new power features … just as soon as the next book ships.