The EverDock Stand

My well loved EverDock

My well loved EverDock

My podcasting compadre KatieFloyd blogged about her new EverDock yesterday. I’ll second Katie’s endorsement. I got in on the original Kickstarter. I ended up ordering two of the Duos. This lets me simultaneously charge the phone and iPad. I’ve got one at work and the other on my night stand. I’ve been using it since it shipped (which I believe is about 6 months). 

The EverDock remains tight against the surface and absolutely stays connected when I lift my devices out (several times a day). However, it is not as tight as it was when the device was new and it felt like I was going to need a crow bar to get it off the table. I suspect I may need to clean the micro-suction surface. 

Occasionally, the Lightning cable starts to get a little wobbly in its housing, requiring me to pry the device off the table and pull the cable back down tight. Interestingly, you can see the cable tops listing to the right and left based on the channels I’ve pulled them to underneath. It is noticeable on visual inspection but doesn’t seem to be a problem when housing the iPhone and iPad.


This morning I took it apart and inspected the Lightning cables. I’m sure getting bent around the EverDock and having the strain of me pushing and pulling against it to repeatedly seat my iThingies is damaging them. They looked okay though. (If only the good Doctor lived closer, I’d let him experiment on my cables and write 3,000 words about it.)

The EverDock is the first third party dock I’ve stuck with. It does a great job holding my devices and when I lift them out, the dock stays put.