Sparky’s Pens, July 2014

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I’ve received several emails lately asking what kinds of pens I’m using these days. Not much has changed. I still have my fancy Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point with the  fine nib that I first wrote about a while back. I’ve had it a couple years now and still not managed to lose it. There is definitely an art to using a fountain pen and when I loan it to someone that’s not used one before, they tend to hate it. I’ve got it down and it still makes me smile to use it with my chicken-scratch writing. I know picking an ink for a fountain pen can lead to an entirely new fetish. I haven’t gone that far down the rabbit hole (yet). For now I’ve been using these Pilot black cartridges.

I have also bought several Zebra Sarasa pens. Jet Pens has them in multiple colors (my favorites are blue-black and red) and multiple tip sizes (.4mm for me). I keep these in my various desks and bags. I primarily use the Pilot fountain pen but when I need color, the Sarasa pens do the job.