Dispatch Update and Print to PDF

For awhile now I’ve been splitting email duties on my iPhone between the native Apple Mail application and Dispatch (App Store). I covered Dispatch in the Email book and there is a lot to like about it. Dispatch gives you the ability to attach actions to emails and easily ship emails off to Evernote, OmniFocus, or whatever other app you use to handle tasks out of emails.

The developer recently issued the 2.1 update that now lets you navigate between folders, meaning Dispatch is useful in all your mailboxes, not just the inbox. That really helps people like me, that use services like Sanebox to make sure the Inbox isn’t very large to begin with. They also added the ability to send and archive with one tap, which is pretty special.

All of this is swell but the reason I’m writing about this update is the addition of a feature I’d nearly given up on in iOS, Print to PDF. I’ve long pined away for a simple way to save documents, files, and emails to PDF from my iPhone and iPad. This problem is particularly difficult when you want to save an email, which is ridiculously simple on the Mac. Dispatch now includes its own service that will save the selected email as PDF and even let you share it to cloud storage or a PDF application. There are a lot of reasons to save an email as a PDF and now, thankfully, you can pull that off in iOS too. Now if we can just talk them into releasing an iPad native version of Dispatch …