The Super-Sized iPad

There seems to be a lot of smoke around the idea of a super-sized 13 inch iPad early next year. Rumor sites are posting that they will come in multiple colors and have high resolution screens. One rumor even claims it will run both the Mac OS and iOS, which I have a hard time believing.

I love and use my iPad Air every day. I like the bigger screen because it’s easier to read and since I only carry an iPad in my bag, the bigger one is no less inconvenient to carry around than a mini. I’m sure there are people that would love a super-sized iPad. If nothing else, I think it would be interesting to see what the world does with a large tablet computer. If Apple adds the ability to split the iOS screen between multiple apps, the bigger screen may be important. 

Based on the number of rumors in circulation, I suspect we will all find out some time next year.