I have to admit when I first heard about this Kickstarter project, I thought it was a joke. It’s not. If you want a physical keyboard and a small screen to just write words on, check this out. While I thought something like this was a great idea in 1990, I cannot imagine myself carrying around a clunky Hemingwrite in 2015. I’m just fine with my amazing iPad, thank you. 

While I find a certain amount of nostalgia in this product to my old Tandy WP-2, that isn’t what they are driving for. The key selling point is the “you can’t stay out of Facebook so you need hardware limitations” argument we’ve seen with some of the Mac software products that cut you off from the Internet. Maybe this is my old-man-yelling-at-kits-on-lawn moment but why can’t people just turn off Facebook or Twitter or whatever when they need to dig in. If I had to buy intentionally crippled hardware to get work done, I think my problems would be much bigger. The project has been funded though so I presume we’ll see a few of them in the wild at some point.