Star Trek TNG in 40 Hours

I talk and write about Star Wars frequently but I don’t say as often how fond I am of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was in law school on a merit scholarship, which meant if my grades weren’t at a certain level, I was going to have to borrow boat loads of money. I studied a lot but it just so happened that Star Trek: TNG was running in syndication every day at 6pm. So every day I ate something out of the freezer and dined with Captain Picard. It was the one part of the day I didn’t have to think about school and it was delightful.

Just a few weeks ago, I felt nostalgic for an episode of ST:TNG and when fishing on Netflix. I found Familywhere Captain Picard goes back home to France in attempt to pick up the pieces after being co-opted by the Borg. The episode was just as good as I remembered and got me thinking that I should go back and watch more. So you can appreciate my joy at finding out Max Temkin did a bang-up job summarizing some of the best Star Trek: TNG episodes. (I found out about this through Six Colors.)