MindNode for Mac 2.0

The gang over at MindNode has been busy re-writing MindNode for Mac and today we get to see the final product with the release of MindNode 2.0 (App Store) (Website).

Having used the beta for a month, I heartily recommend the new version (which is on sale for a short time). For me, MindNode has sat in that sweet spot with just enough features to satisfy me but not so many as to make the application overly complex. 

This application has always had a nice clean design and been very easy-to-use. With the new update, they continue with that same design philosophy but adds several new powerful features:

Outline Mode

I have this left brain/right brain thing constantly going on where I want to see my data visually as a mind map but also in outline format. For some time MindNode has had the ability to display your mind map as an outline on iOS. Now it has that feature on the Mac too.


You can now add notes to any node in your mind map. It’s a great way to remove clutter but also add more information at the same time.


The new version includes its own built in library of clipart that you can use throughout your mind map. The artwork is superb and fits the aesthetic of MindNode perfectly. I never used clipart before in mind maps because I always thought it looked silly. I’ve started using it with this new version and I’m quite happy with it.

Web Access

Stuck on a computer without MindNode installed? No problem. You can now access your documents on the web. It supports folding and unfolding of nodes and displaying attached notes.

MindNode is currently on sale for $19.99 which is 33% off its normal retail price.