Game Recommendation: Prune

I’ve got somewhat quirky tastes when it comes to iOS games. My favorites games aren’t too stressful or necessarily too fast. Maybe it’s because I’ll play a game to unwind, but Alto’s Adventure, Zen Bound, and Monument Valley are right up my alley.

I was noodling around in the App Store a few days ago and discovered Prune. In Prune you grow a tree and the object is to prune the tree in a way which allows the right limbs find sunlight and bloom flowers. I love this game. The levels get increasingly more difficult but nothing (so far) is overwhelming. If you get hung up on a level, after a certain number of tries the game just offers to go on. I’ve even saved one of my trees as my lock screen on my iPad. I also like the pricing model. I paid $4 for the game and there are no nagging in-app purchase requests. Two thumbs up.