Pixelmator for iOS 2.1

There are a lot of updates hitting the wire this week. One of my favorites is Pixelmator for iOS 2.1. Pixelmator now fully supports iOS 9 and multitasking on the iPad. Having the Photos app and Pixelmator open simultaneously is pretty nice. The application now also supports images at 8K resolution up to 50 megapixels right on your iPad and iPhone. Finally, you can save photos directly back to the Photos library so everything is in one place.

There is a running theme here. Things that used to only be possible and traditional computers are now becoming possible on mobile. Just think for a moment about the impossibility of editing a 50 megapixel photo on your iPad or iPhone a few years ago.

Learn more at the Pixelmator website. You can buy the application in the App Stores for Macand iOS.