iWork Updates Abound. Long Live iWork.

A few months ago there was this thing going around the Internet where everyone decided that Apple had given up on iWork. I didn’t buy it. While the iWork applications certainly aren’t the most important applications being developed at Apple, I think the are key part of their business and having Apple’s own, homegrown productivity suite has benefits that justify its continued development. Moreover, Apple often uses the iWork suite as a demonstration of how they think productivity apps should look on the Mac and iOS.

Today Apple released updates for all of the iWork suite applications for both OS X and iOS. Some of these updates are simple fixes for new features in the hardware and operating systems, like the ability to use split screen mode on the Mac or 3-D Touch on the new iPhone, but other bits show continuing development. For instance, Pages for the Mac got some improved AppleScript tools and added several new Apple designed templates. I don’t believe Apple would be putting development time in to templates and AppleScript support for Pages if it had given up on the application.

You can download the updates through the iOS and OS X app stores. Check it out.