The Nomad Wallet/iPhone Charger

It seems only appropriate that on Cyber Monday I review something that you use to hold your money. I must admit that I’ve always been a fan of the “something I always carry but now can also use to recharge my iPhone” category of devices. With that in mind, when Nomad announced the Wallet for iPhone, I was intrigued. Nomad sent me a review unit and for the last few weeks I’ve been carrying it around. 

From the outside, the Wallet for iPhone looks like any other bi-fold wallet you may pick up. The trick is that they’ve sewn an ultra-high density 2400 mAh battery into the spine of the wallet. There’s even a clever little lightning cable tucked in. So anytime you’ve got your wallet in your pocket, you’ve also got a full recharge for your iPhone 6s. Clever.

Nomad makes great stuff and this is no exception. A lot of wallets have wasted space. This one does not. You can see that the design manages to keep the wallet as slim as possible despite the fact it has a battery in there. I guess my point is that the Wallet for iPhone does not feel cheep and I like carrying it in my pocket.

Even if you just used it for busy days when you expect you’d need an extra charge, like travel day or take-the-kids to theme park day, the Wallet is worth it. I’ve found it particularly nice on family trips to Disneyland. Now when my kids say, “Dad, do you have your wallet?”, it doesn’t always mean they want money. The Wallet for iPhone looks nice, is built to last, and doubles your iPhone battery life without having to carry one more thing.

Even better, as this post goes live, the Wallet for iPhone is 20% off.