Daylite 6 Ships

Marketcircle is definitely one of the “wise men” in Mac productivity circles. For a long time, Daylite was the application that just about everybody ran their Mac offices from. It supports multiple users, tasks, calendars, and all the other bits you need to get work done with a group of people.

Then the cloud become a “thing” and people started moving these types of shared data applications to the Internet. The trouble that I’ve always had with these solutions is they are limited to the browser and generally look like crap, are hard to figure out, difficult to train to your staff, and –when the Internet goes down – completely useless.

This cloud trend did not go unnoticed by the makers of Daylite and for a few years now they’ve been refining a solution that lets you have your cake and eat it too. Specifically, a native app with all that OS X goodness and years of development and UI experience combined with cloud sync. Today Daylite releases version 6, which is really something special.

I’m friends with some of the people at Marketcircle and I know how hard they’ve worked to make this happen. I’m impressed and if you are looking for something with the panache of Daylite combined with reliable cloud sync, you will be too. Learn more from Marketcircle.