Apple Watch Check In

I was putting on my Apple Watch this morning and thinking about how I’m using it now that I’m three months in. I’ve got several observations:

  • I still wear it every day. When I forget to put it on (rarely) I miss it.
  • The black rubber band is still just fine with me. I’ve worn it working in the yard and I’ve worn it at court and it doesn’t feel inappropriate in either place. I’ll probably buy an additional band at some point but right now I don’t feel any burning desire.
  • I was doing great with the fitness rings and then I got sick. The last three weeks or so I’ve been miserable with kidney stones. My fitness records went all to hell. I’m looking forward to getting those rings filled back up.
  • Battery life, shmattery life. I don’t even think about it. The watch always makes it through the day.
  • I also don’t think much about apps. Except for OmniFocus and Overcast, I’m not using any third party apps. I suspect that will change when we get watch OS 2.0.
  • I made this intricate set of watch faces when I first got the watch. I don’t use any of them except a minimalist version of Utility.
  • Notifications on my wrist is golden. I’m often in meetings but have many things going on. Keeping up by glancing at my wrist is unobtrusive and handy.
  • I find that I keep my phone in my pocket a lot more now that I’ve got the watch.
  • I already wrote about watch directions. All of that is still true.
  • Overall, my initial impressions haven’t changed. The Apple Watch, while not being essential, makes life for iPhone users a lot better.