Deliveries for Package Delivery Tracking

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.13.38 PM.png

Like a lot of people these days, I tend to buy things on the Internet. Many years ago I started using an app on the Mac called Deliveries from Junecloud. Well, it actually wasn’t app is much as it was a widget. (Remember those?) Deliveries was the most often used widget ever loaded on my Mac. Whenever I bought something new and shiny, it would help me track it as it moved around the world and eventually found its way to my doorstep.

Over the years, Junecloud has continued development and Deliveries has evolved. It’s now a separate application on the Mac and iOS. (They even support the Apple Watch.) The two platforms synchronize data between them so you can input data about your new iPad Pro pencil Mac and track it on its journey from China from your phone in your pocket. A few competitors have shown up but Deliveries still remains my favorite application for tracking packages.

This morning I happily received the 7.0 update to Deliveries on iOS with several new and useful features including:

  • Support for 3-D touch with peek and pop and Quick Action items from springboard.
  • Support for the iPad Pro and iPad keyboard shortcuts.
  • iCloud sync (The Mac App also got an iCloud sync update.)
  • Deliveries is now a sharing destination so you can share a delivery email directly to the app

It’s nice to see an app with the long history of Deliveries continue to get updates and, even after years of development, new and useful features. You can find Deliveries in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store.