Free App of the Week: Lifeline

Awhile ago, I bought this little iOS text based game called Lifeline. It tells the story of a stranded astronaut who has managed, somehow, to get in contact with you and only you. Think The Martian, but creepier. Anyway, your stranded astronaut is freaking out and highly suggestible. He explains his problems to you and asks for your guidance. Your job is easy. Don’t kill your astronaut with bad advice. When I found myself going on the web to research issues before giving him advice, I knew they had me.

It’s all text-based but strangely engaging. It also works with the Apple Watch, which is nice because if you play it properly and he says he needs to hike for 2 hours, it will be 2 hours before you hear from him again. (There is a setting to advance time but where is the fun in that?)

Anyway, the game is a fun little diversion and not terribly difficult. Best of all, this week it’s free. Have a nice weekend.